Learning about this art form has been a wonderful process for our company – one filled with many new technologies, processes, and techniques. Like so many parts of our company history, we certainly didn’t start small. Our first project that involved fabricating metalwork in-house was an extremely large home in Arizona.

We now have the ability to fabricate our own metal structural supports and hangers – allowing us to offer true post and beam artistry while still maintaining compliance with building codes and structural integrity.

We have the ability to add metal as artwork throughout a space. Whether it is custom inserts to dress up a floor, artwork for a mantle, or decorative exterior elements such as scuppers and trellises, we can create these elements and take your project to a higher level.

Please take a look at our portfolio of metal elements. We build every kind of metalwork that can be imagined for a project. We have fabricated things as small as ¼” x ¼” polished aluminum inserts along a desk edge for an accent, to as large as a 20’ long x 8’ tall steel and wrought iron gate for a residential compound.

We invite you to look at our work. Imagine what building with metal can do for your next project!