Stone in its very essence is a relatively simple material. It is something we don’t have to do much with in order to recognize its inherent beauty. A polish is all that is typically required to see the depth of its qualities. Yes, it is a simple material, but working with stone is anything but simple.

We embraced this challenge of how to incorporate this hard and unyielding material into beautiful things. Our skills, honed with years of working wood into beautiful shapes, moved gently into the world of stone fabrication. We understood right away that a healthy respect for its weight, fragility, and expense warranted some different approaches. Where wood can be worked without machines relatively easily, stone is the opposite. Where wood takes but a few steps to smooth out a rough cut, stone takes many, many passes to go from rough to finish – sometimes as many as 10 steps.

We approached our stone craft as we have the others – research to become knowledgeable on all types and kinds, invest in the right equipment, and create the right processes to insure success. Our first creations are some that rival what other stone masons have strived for throughout their careers.

We invite you to look at our work. Imagine what building with stone can do for your next project!