New Home – 52nd Street
Paradise Valley, Arizona

This project was a new estate home by Merlino. The original site of 2.5 acres was used as a platform to create a magnificent 18,000 s.f. estate.

Every single aspect of this project was designed to the most exacting standards. We set up our fabrication shop on site to build each part of the home. One of the most unique traits of the home is the total lack of paint in any area – it simply does not exist in this home, as ALL of the color on the walls and ceilings was created with Venetian Plaster. So everything that you see is inherent color that was mixed into the Venetian Plaster, making the walls and ceiling art in their own right.

The mix of wood, metal, and stone showcases our depth and talent as fabricators and as builders. There is simply nothing like this home. The walls of each bathroom consist of travertine slabs with custom cut moldings of stone that are unique to that room. The sinks were hand-carved from blocks of travertine, and or hand assembled as mosaic combinations. The doors and windows are fabricated from African Mahogany woods, and some get as large as 12’ tall x 5” thick. We fabricated the wood ceilings from 100 plus year old logs we purchased, milled, and shaped.

The details go on and on. There is simply nothing like 52nd Street. Consisting of a main house, guest house, and pool house, this estate was purchased in April 2010.