New Home Canterbury Ct.
Hinsdale, Illinois

This new home certainly has some of the elements that are present in many Merlino homes, but evolved into a very unique style, with a subtle contemporary feeling to the craftsman like vibe of the overall design.

Placement of the home on the lot made one of the most significant statements of the entire home placed on an angle to the front lot line, the views from the street are amazing as each one captures more than one elevation.

The home has an exterior with traditional building materials, and ones that Merlino loves to use: Douglas Fir timbers, stone, bluestone, and cement based stucco just done in a different way to create the smart and sleek look of this home.

The interior keeps in spirit of a modern craftsman / bungalow feel with long sight lines, clean woodwork mixed with cut timbers, and the highlight of the interior a floating staircase that rises to the 3rd floor creating the look of suspended walkways high above the entry hall which cuts through the house. Skylights that follow light up the inside in such a way that house feels wide open and full of light at all times throughout the day.

The interior mixed stone, cherry, slate, and marble throughout. We added some Venetian Plaster, carved African Mahogany, and for the first time in Hinsdale we are quite sure: Cantera Stone as we worked with in our Arizona operations. This stone was something no one we worked with in Illinois had ever seen, so we had our stone carver in our Arizona shop make a mantel for one of the fireplaces and send it to Chicago for this home.

High vaulted ceilings, hickory floors, and painted beams are just a couple of the unique traits that make up this amazing home.