Furniture – Diamond Bank
Schaumburg, Illinois

We were asked to construct a space that encompasses the culture of Diamond Bank and how it relates to its customers. We met with Diamond Management to capture the vision they had, and once there was comfort that we understood their vision, we were given total creative control on the colors, textures, materials, furniture, woodwork, and space planning of the entire project.

The original space was home to Harris bank for many years, and was in desperate need of a totally new look. Merlino removed everything down to bare walls and building structure and created the new space. In order to truly capture the spirit of the design, it was essential that the furniture for the bank lobby be done in the same spirit of the design, something that as a millwork company we understand. We created a style that is probably best described as “Modern Craftsman” as joinery of all furniture is exposed and celebrated, yet all lines are clean and sharp.

There are some truly unique pieces that were made, such as the standing desk for the executive suite, as well as a coffered ceiling of square stacked beams. This space is a beautiful representation of how a vertically integrated process with Merlino can yield quick and timely results (we finished 10 days ahead of our original schedule completion date) as well as a completely cohesive design to construction process.